Wonderland by Sydney Haulenbeek

Imagine this.

Imagine closing your eyes as the sunset dances on pink pointe toes across a charcoal sky, each star’s silver melting into purples and oranges. Image purple neon lights and Ferris wheels spinning, as girls with ombre hair run hand in hand. Brief kisses beneath road signs, tumbles through carnival grounds, and small stuffed animals stashed in purses. Fingers licked of cotton candy, and talking into joyful shrieks. Jean jacket pockets clinking with change as pennies are doled out and hair twirled by hand. Playful shoves on benches, couple selfies with cliché cheek kissing, and grins so big that the moon smiles back.

Imagine the feeling of joy, strung up with fairy lights over peppermint stripped tents, and rainbow balls rotating through the air. Imagine the red squeaker noses of a clown on the young and uncaring, hands sweaty but firmly clutched in each other’s. Imagine pastel dresses, a dance through wonderland as a spray-painted cat scrambles and jumps. Imagine purple and blue wigs, and flowy dresses stuffed with tulle and anticipation, and a nervous bubbly terror. Imagine first kisses beneath porch lights, and driving lessons with shut eyes and four hands on the wheel. Imagine black and white wedding dresses, yin and yang necklaces, and whispered vows at an altar. Imagine two girls running through wonderland, one tugging the other behind, both smiling as the sun sleeps and dances slow and heartbeats race unforgivingly. Image the tuck of a curl behind a dark ear, green eyes smiling at blue, an unforgettable moment trapped in time, in a place of wonder.

Her Colors by Anjohlee Jacobsen

No more layers and layers

No more gloves and mittens

No more scarves and beanies

Nothing but the warmth of the sun on my skin

And the light breeze through my hair

Color is finally coming back to the face of our earth

Oh isn’t she beautiful now

Full of bright red and pink flowers for her rosy cheeks

Lively green grass for her flowy blouse

Orange and blue butterflies for her dangling earrings

And white puffing clouds for her soft hair

Oh she is truly beautiful

“Winter” by Kylie Hudson

In winter the trees remove their clothes

Snow covers the ground like a blanket

Playing in the snow or bundled up tight

The air always gets colder at night

The birds in the trees can no longer be seen

The Earth’s covered in a white icing

That looks good enough to taste

Shivering from your head to your toes

Ponds and lakes getting froze

Your breath escaping into the air

Being seen through the moon’s glare

Childhood Memory by Amiah Caffee

The  mustard colored seats scrape the dusty crayon covered tiles of the floor

The long eyelashes of the children in the room sweep their cheeks their eyes free of bore

The teacher, a spring chicken, with  curls of honey flowing down her back

Her smiling  face making the rainy day sunny

She picks up pale white sheets of paper and slowly passes them to each pupil

And delivers them nicely like mail in the morning

I sit and I wait, smiling with glee waiting for the knowledge my brain will receive

I look at the test she handles with care, the ten question math test that I came prepared

I pick up my pencil and write my name

I look at the question a little confused but then I soon curve eights and swirl my twos

A few minutes pass on the clock and my friend comes back face curved down and eyes real dark…

I knew he didn’t do as well as he thought

On my last question I sit and I think

My friend want to be twins, he tells me to get the last one wrong or our friendship will not last long

Greatly conflictedI don’t know what to do, so I answer the question and turn in with my paper low

I get it back 100 percent and he walks away

Guess I knew what our friendship meant…